Fisherman's Festival

The Fisherman's Festival takes place every year on the island on Saturday before the celebration of the Holy Spirit. The fishermen of the island and the residents organize a traditional feast with traditional dances, lots of seafood, rakomelo and wine. If you are on the island during this festival, you will enjoy the taste and the smell of fresh fishes baked in the squares and streets of the island.


Panagia festival

Panagia's chapel is located in Kato Koufonisi and every year celebrated on August 15th. From the early hours, the believers and the visitors from Pano Koufonisi are transported free of charge in order to participate in the celebration. It is the only day of the year where the little ferry Skopelitis, which serves the line of the Small Cyclades, binds to the small pier that is located outside the church. After the Divine Service are offered various dishes and with the return, locals and foreigners celebrate in the sounds of the violins.


St. George Festival

St George is the patron saint and protector of the island and is celebrated with reverence every year on 23 April, unless this date is in the period of Lent, so, and transferred to Easter Monday. In the morning take place the Holy Mass, and then the icon of the Saint will take in procession around the village. The roads that it passes through are carpeted with rose petals and the boats follow the ceremony. The procession ends in the village where locals have taken care of plenty food for the villagers and the visitors and followed the traditional feast of the day.

Ημερήσιες Εκδρομές - Κουφονήσια

Ημερήσιες Εκδρομές - Κουφονήσια

Ημερήσιες Εκδρομές - Κουφονήσια

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Daily excursion from Naxos to Koufonisi

A very nice day trip is organized by Kerras Cruises with ship "KYRIARCHOS" and starts from Naxos every Wednesday - Friday and Sunday at 09:30, stops at Iraklia with final destination Ano Koufonisi. After a stay of 4 hours it returns to Naxos at 19:00.


Wednesday - Friday and Sunday:
from Naxos 09:30 - Agia Anna Naxos 10:00
Arrival at Iraklia
Iraklia 12:45 - Koufonisi 13:15
Koufonisi 17:30 - Agia Anna Naxos 18:30 - Naxos Port 19:00

from Naxos 08:30 - Piso Livadi of Paros 09:00
Piso Livadi 09:10 - Koufonisi 10:20
Koufonisi 10:30 - Amorgos 11:30
Amorgos 17:00 - Koufonisi 18:00
Koufonisi 18:00 - Naxos 19:00

Kerras Cruises
Naxos Town, Cyclades
Tel: 22850 24222
Tel: 6986 746 135


Daily excursion at Kato Koufonisi

Kato Koufonisi is a great destination to do a day trip. It is a quiet island with no permanent residents and, except for the beaches with the turquoise waters, you will find the chapel of Panagia (Virgin Mary) and a tavern that works only during the summer months.
There are daily routes from Ano Koufonisi by boats of Capetan Kostas and you should be aware that because the beaches are not organized and because there are no stores, you should be equipped with the basic stuff, such as towels, hat, sunscreen, bottle of water, etc. You will find Panagia beach, Nero beach and Lakkoi beach, where you can enjoy your swimming and then eat or drink something in the only tavern of the island from where it leaves the last route to Pano Koufonisi.

Daily Excursion to Shinousa - Irakleia

Daily excursion at Shinousa - Irakleia

You can visit the islands of Shinoussa and Iraklia with the daily departures of Skopelitis Express.
It departs at 09:20 every morning and reaches Shinoussa within 30 minutes. From there you can return to Koufonissi at 16:00 or 45 minutes to Heraklia. The return is at 15:40.


There are short sections of paved roads at Koufonisia, but all distances can easily be covered on foot (3 hours are enough to walk around the island), which makes unnecessary the car and make the island ideal for hiking. Alternatively, the same tracks can be made by bicycle, which you can rent.

Proposed routes are:

1. Hora - Loutro - Parianos - Xylopatis - Pori - Gala
Distance 6.5 Km.
1 hour 30 minutes


It is a route that makes round the island along the coastline. Loutro is a very picturesque place, with the white chapel of St. Nikolas and the old windmill above the dock, where you will have the opportunity to watch the craftsmen working in the traditional way. At Parianos bay you can admire the fleet of the island: Koufonissi, along with its population, has the largest fishing fleet in Greece!
As you go up, at the right, we find the path that leads us to the big bay of Pori with its golden sands.
On the northern coast of Xylopatis with its steep landslides there is a famous sea cave with wild pigeons. Attention!! Do not get too close to the rocks.
Following the coast you will reach Gala beach, with its golden rocks and the white water sea. Returning to Pori you will find two small restaurants.

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2. Hora - Prophet Elias - Limenari
Distance 3 Km.
1 hour


Route with amazing view through the internal paths of the island, leading to the chapel of Prophet Elias and in locations where residents do their daily farming and livestock operations. At the end of the route you will reach Limenari. A small beach on the north coast of the island. It is quite uphill and difficult route.

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3. Hora - Hondros Kavos - Finikas - Fanos - Platia Pounta (Italida) - Pori
Distance 4 Km.
50 minutes


From Hora follow the road east, along the coastline. You will reach Hondros Kavos beach and immediately after Finikas beach (with the tavern with the same name). At the end of the beach and only 150 m. further you will find Fanos beach (with a coffee bar) and Platia Punta (Italida) beach.

If you continue after Platia Punta with the marvelous green waters, following the path of the coastline, you will reach "Pisines". "Pisines" are small bays with openings on the rocks, where swimming becomes a special experience. You will see, also, the natural cave (made from the porous stone of the island and the power of winter waves), Mati tou Diavolou (Devil's Eye), continuing again at Pori.

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Diving and canoe kayak are still some of your choices at Koufonissia either free or organized.

Dive into the deep blue waters and enjoy the beauty of the seabed. Or enjoy the magnificent sunset from your kayak in the calm waters of Koufonisia.